We can turn ideas into reality. And you have a team that helps you do it better than you can do it yourself. And you can take these thoughts out of your mind and actually make them real. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that. It’s the best feeling to see that become reality.

Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and Paul Allen.

Arye Barnehama finds himself in good company as another college dropout looking to shake up the world.

Barnehama, a 30 under 30 honoree on Forbes’ 2020 manufacturing and industry…

By Mo Islam, Partner, Threshold Ventures

I am thrilled to announce Threshold is leading a $6.25 million investment in CrowdAI, a no-code, visual AI platform. CrowdAI makes it easy for anyone to create and deploy deep learning-based analytics on imagery and video. The company impressively grew 200% YoY in revenue and works with a number of customers across the government, manufacturing, and finance sectors. I’ve joined the board, and am excited to work alongside an outstanding group of seed investors, including Susa Ventures, SV Angel, AME Cloud, and Y Combinator.

I first met CrowdAI Co-Founder and CEO Devaki Raj at…

The United States was founded on innovation, on risk-taking, and on bringing so many different people together from so many different countries, choosing this nation and choosing its value system.

When Aicha Evans made plans to leave Intel after 12 years, having risen to the position of senior vice president and chief strategy officer, she knew she wanted a change from the multinational public company environment. When Evans was recruited for the position of CEO at Zoox, the autonomous vehicle startup company, she realized the position was in her sweet spot: “forward-looking technology with a big impact on society.”


We weren’t setting out to be entrepreneurs from the get-go. We didn’t have some time horizon in which we needed to make X number of dollars. We just really believed in solving this problem.

Kyna Fong sometimes describes herself as an “accidental entrepreneur.” And taking a glance at her resume, you’d have to agree.

Graduating at 19 years old from Harvard with a bachelor’s degree in applied math and a master’s in computer science — in the same year, mind you — and then on to Stanford where she earned her PhD in economics focused on healthcare, Kyna seemed earmarked…

The role of internal communications in a growth company is much more than sending out employee newsletters. As internal communications consultant Daria Kissner explains, one of the practice’s responsibilities is to reinforce company values that help inspire, inform, and connect colleagues — especially at a time when real-life connections among coworkers are hard to come by.

By Carol Wentworth

Not even a global pandemic can stop IPOs, assuming market trends and financials align. But the pandemic adds new wrinkles to the complex process of managing communications around an IPO, as the talented communications leaders at two companies well know. In September 2020, Unity Technologies and Sumo Logic went public; but years before, Amanda Taggart (former global director of PR and communications, Unity) and Melissa Liton (senior director of global communications, Sumo Logic) began the long process of planning out how the event would be communicated, including bringing employees into the eventual IPO celebrations.

We asked Taggart…

by Chirag Chotalia, Partner, Threshold Ventures

I am excited to announce our investment in AutoLeap, a vertical SaaS platform empowering independent automotive shops to run their businesses more efficiently while delighting their customers. AutoLeap helps these shops with core workflow tasks, including invoicing, scheduling jobs and technicians, managing customer communications, and conducting digital inspections that customers can seamlessly approve.

I am incredibly bullish on platforms helping small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Growing up, I saw firsthand the joys and pains of being a small business owner. My father owned a local retail pharmacy and competed against large chains like Walgreens…

I love to see people having a good time and achieving something. I love to see things working. I love to see people develop as we build a business culture.

If someone’s working on a book about what it’s like to get bitten by the technology bug, Magnus Kongsli Hillestad deserves a special entry. He got bit — hard.

Hillestad was working in private equity when his side interest in technology convinced him to quit his job in Oslo, Norway, and hole up in his attic, learning as much as he could about programming and building neural networks.

Friends thought…

Jacob Choi, a 2018 Threshold Venture Fellow graduate, tells us about his experience as COO of Going Merry, which makes it easier for students to find and apply for financial aid, and his time as a Threshold Venture Fellow.

Tell us what you do at Going Merry, and how you got to the company.

I’m the COO and I wear a diverse range of hats, from operations and product/design to partnerships. Before I got here, I was studying management science and engineering at Stanford University from 2016 to 2018 and starting to explore entrepreneurship. I decided to go to graduate…

Threshold Ventures

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