Building Digital Trust with Risk Intelligence

Threshold Ventures
3 min readJan 25, 2023

By Josh Stein, Threshold Ventures

I’m extremely excited to announce that Threshold Ventures led a $25 million Series B financing round for Inscribe, a company that is revolutionizing risk management and fraud detection with its award-winning Risk Intelligence platform.

In an internet and mobile-first world, consumers expect near-instant levels of service, whether they’re making a purchase or applying for a loan.

Quick response times are no longer just a differentiator; they’ve become one of the most important attributes for winning in highly competitive markets.

But in an increasingly digital, geographically dispersed, and faster-moving world, it’s also become more difficult than ever to know who you’re actually doing business with, leaving companies uncertain about which potential customers are trustworthy. And the stakes are *high*. Getting underwriting decisions wrong means risking being defrauded by cybercriminals (average US fintech fraud losses exceed $50 million a year), as well as losing the business of worthy applicants.

Making accurate underwriting decisions requires asking potential customers to submit large amounts of information about themselves: where they live, how much they earn, proof of business ownership, credit history, bank statements, utility bills, W2s, etc. Reviewing those documents manually is an enormous task — both to ingest the data into underwriting and decisioning systems and also to determine whether the information is legitimate. Costs are high, and the time involved creates friction and delays for potential customers for whom a competitive offering is just a few clicks away.

Inscribe’s software cuts through this difficult problem by empowering corporate risk teams with a powerful set of tools that automate document collection and processing.

Instead of relying on tedious, subjective, and error-prone manual reviews, teams that use Inscribe’s Risk Intelligence software can harness advanced AI-powered technology to detect fraud and gain insights into credit-worthiness that allow them to make decisions more quickly and approve more customers with greater levels of accuracy and confidence.

Great technologies are turned into companies by great people, and a founding principle of Threshold Ventures is to look for entrepreneurs who are not only brilliant and passionate about their ideas but who also possess the drive and determination to turn them into practical (and profitable) solutions.

Inscribe Co-Founders Conor and Ronan Burke

We knew from the first meeting that Inscribe’s founders, Conor and Ronan Burke, exemplified these characteristics to a T, and we are honored that they’ve chosen to partner with us as they continue to grow and scale their company. We’re also thrilled to once again have the opportunity to partner with fantastic investors in this financing, including Crosslink Capital, Foundry, and Uncork, as well as experienced operators like Box co-founder Dylan Smith and Intercom co-founder Des Traynor.

We are incredibly bullish about the potential of this company and believe that Inscribe’s platform has the potential to fundamentally change the way companies approach risk management and fraud detection. We look forward to supporting them as they build Inscribe into a market leader!